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Introducing Our Staff

Senior Management Team

Jude Lomas - Headteacher


Lorna MacCann - Deputy Headteacher


Katie Meredith - Assistant Headteacher


Jane Roberts - Assistant Headteacher


Middle Managers

Miss C Gillinder, Miss H Patterson, Miss L O'Neill, 



 Mrs A Bonar, Mrs H Brown, Mr G Edwards,

Mrs S Ellis, Mrs R Foley, Mrs C Gordon,

Miss K Hudson, Mrs C Pendrey, Ms B Walsh,

Ms A Coate, Ms M Nayyar, A Coate,

R Lomas, A Doherty,

J Lawton, E Stockley. 


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs C Grundy, Mrs M Patterson


Teaching Assistants

V Ainscough, R Berry,  L Bradshaw, S Callaghan,

K Calvert, K Cooling, J Dodson, J Hyde,

K Harley-Jones, S Hasan, A Hughes, P Gumpo,  

A Jeng, E Logan, A Nkemena, K Pearson, 

K Pearson,  G Bolton,  M Smart,  Y Smith,

 D Sproston,  L Stonehouse,  J Tomlinson,  L Walsh, 

L Harris, H Birchenough, J Shemilt, A Clifton,

 M Jamalpour,  C Haddou, C Barlow, D Sprotson, K Yearsley,

L Bradshaw, R Chappell, S Nelson, L Berihuete Aquino, 

S Rose-Saunders, J O'Sullivan, J Meredith,

K McMullen, N McCullen, E Savari, I Ratcliffe


Health and Wellbeing Worker: Helen Welsh

Speech and Language Therapy: A Peck

Horticulture Tutor: K Wels


Ancillary Support

 L Scott, S Laws, S Bowman


Admin and Finance

Mrs M Finney, Mrs G Chittim, Mrs D Cummings, 

Mrs G Harrison, Mrs A Carlill, Mrs C O'Connor


Site Managers

Mr M Coleman

Mr I Harvey

Mr B Unsworth



Mr S Hill


Midday Assistants

H Maher, I Noreen,