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Simon Monks

Simon Monks



At the start of 2022 I had no idea I would take on the role of governor at a school; it was not really something I had thought about. However, when I became aware there was an opening here at Brentwood I was keen to learn more about the role, and indeed the school itself. I arranged a visit to the school and immediately knew I wanted to be part of the Brentwood ‘family’; it seems the school has that certain ‘magic’ that draws you in!


I worked in the banking sector for 35 years and have considerable experience in analysing financial forecasts and ongoing monitoring of performance against forecast. Providing an independent analysis of a company’s performance was a key part of the role and I hope to provide this for the current Board of Governors alongside any required strategic support to the Headteacher and the senior team. During 35 years, I also gained considerable experience in other leadership and management roles and feel I can bring a broad range of support to the Board of Governors.


As mentioned earlier, I have never been a school governor before, so I have no other material interests to declare. I have no financial interests that impact my relationship with the school or fellow governors.

I am a magistrate on the Greater Manchester Bench where I sit in the Adult (Crime) and Family jurisdictions. Both these roles require distinct skills and characteristics which I feel will benefit me in the role.

I am married and have a grown-up daughter who is a teacher. I enjoy going to the gym and I am ‘learning’ to play golf – not something I think anyone ever masters!


My association with Brentwood started in May 2022 and I hope it lasts for many years. I look forward to supporting and challenging the headteacher and staff to continue to maximise the outcomes for every pupil and student, using all the resources at their disposal.