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Class 3

Indian banquet

Our theme this term has been focused around India. We have been learning about famous land marks, culture, religion and most importantly fooood!


We dedicated a whole morning into preparing an Indian banquet for the class.
We started by making our Nan breads, this was hard work as they needed a lot of kneading
After that we started on our Lasse, this is a sweet ice cold drink that is drank a lot with curry to help cool down the spice. We made banana and mango Lasse.
We then set the table, prepared the poppadum’s, dips, nans, Lasses and ate our Indian Banquet.


I brought in 2 curries that I made at home for the students to try. We had a Saag which is a traditional vegetarian curry, and butter chicken. The butter chicken had a little bit of chilli in so it was nice to have the Lasse to cool it down.

The students excelled themselves and the nan breads tasted amazing.